10 Moves She Wants You To Make

The Mind

If you are waiting for her to tell you what she wants, then perhaps this is your first time with a women! The first thing women want you to do is read their mind and know what it is they want without them telling you. If they have to tell you, it ruins it all for them. That’s number one. Here are 9 others…

The Neck

Forget about the lips. The neck is where it is at. Lean in to whisper something, cupping your opposite hand gently around the back of her neck, and then plant a few soft smooches on the side of her neck. It’s what a vampire would do, and women love vampires.

The Wrists

Holding hands is old-school. Not to say a little finger flirting isn’t fun, but the wrists are a very sensual area on a woman. Taking her wrist in your hand and giving it a gentle squeeze lets her know you are capable and powerful… and who doesn’t like that. Just don’t squeeze too hard or too long, otherwise it gets creepy… and not everyone likes that.

The Eyes

Nothing beats locking your gaze with a woman as you undress yourself. It also helps distract her from you nervously fumbling with your belt buckle. Once the buckle is undone and you are confident you can pull your belt off without making an ass of yourself, let your gaze drop down to what you are doing. Her eyes will follow yours. It is in this way that your direct her attention. Gently, subversively… just the way women want.

The Cheeks

And I am not talking about her ass. Gently pressing your cheek against hers as you lay her back on the bed under you will go a long way to making this move sexy and not demanding. Make sure you shave, as the roughness can be off-putting. Of course there are women who like the rugged look, but almost all women enjoy soft skin as well, so until you know, play it safe and be well groomed.

The Ears

There is a little spot on the ear, the tragus, which is a little bump just forward of the ear opening. It is like the ear-clitoris. Gentle tonguing of this area can send some women into orbit! Some women, reportedly, can climax from stimulation of this area. One warning: many other women find it ticklish and annoying, it’s up to you to guess which type of women she is (see The Mind, above).

The Nipples

Of course the nipples are erogenous zones, so you are best to avoid them altogether! Yes, that is right, avoid them! Get close, very very close with your tongue, but never touch them… until she demands it. Then, maybe still stay away and see how she likes that! When she grabs your hair and forces you, you know you are onto something. Then you can touch them.

The Inner Thighs

Women are the opposite of men: They love to be teased… partly because they know they can get what they need whenever they want… but I digress. Just like the nipples, there is an area between the thighs that you should try to avoid as long as possible. The thighs are great. Soft, warm, and very sensitive. Spend a little time caressing this area before getting into… well… into anything.

The Butt

Who doesn’t love a butt. But, surprisingly men often forget to spend a little time on the butt before getting busy. Squeeze it! Go for it. It feels great to have your butt squeezed. Squeeze your own right now if you don’t believe me!

The Stomach

Pay for her dinner. She will like that too.


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