Escort Etiquette

Know What You Are Getting Into

If you new to hiring escorts, or are new to town, it is best to do a bit of research so you know what you are getting into. Knowing what the average cost is in the area, and reading on-line for well recommended agencies or freelancers is well worth the effort in the long run.

Be Polite

I know, I know: dirty talk turns you on. BUT, for your first contact be polite, and stay away from explicit talk. Show some self-control. At this point you are making a business deal, and it should have some of the formality of any business enquiry.

Answer Her Questions

Before agreeing to a date, or before even agreeing to answer your enquiry, your potential escort may have a series of questions about you. These are designed to determine if you are safe and responsible. So answer her questions honestly. If she asks something too personal, you are free to refuse to answer, but you are unlikely to get a date. She needs to know enough to feel that she will be safe and won’t get ripped off.

Meet Somewhere Safe

Some escorts will insist that you first meet in public. They want to check you out to make sure you are not a lunatic, which is fair enough. Don’t be pushy or insist on somewhere private. While this may make sense for you, especially if discretion is very important to you, but your escort needs to think of safety first, and she will simply refuse to meet you.


Don’t be a slob. Wash. Shave. Be clean. Escorts are likely to simply refuse to get involved with someone with poor personal hygiene. A man who is looking and smelling his best is more likely to get the best service the escort can provide. And you want her best, right?


Don’t show up to your date drunk or high. Show some self-control. If you need a drink to relax yourself, that is fair enough, but a drunk is unpredictable, and most escorts will stay away. She may accept a drink if you offer her one, but she may also refuse as she might want to keep her wits about her. Offering a drink is nice, but don’t push it. If she is not thirsty, she is not thirsty.


You must respect boundaries. If she needs you to wear a condom, wear it. If she is not willing to try that weird thing you saw your neighbours doing in their living room window, then move on. Pushiness is likely to get her anxious, and she is likely to leave. And there will be no refund.


Have the fee ready and set out so she can see it. No need to talk about it, as this may make her nervous, but it is always a good idea for her to know that her fee is there. Don’t haggle, or try to get a special promotional discount!

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