Making The First Move With An Escort

Spending quality time with an escort is just as good as spending time with a woman you love if not better. While you might be paying for their services, you need to understand that they too are women and they need to be treated with love. The amount you enjoy this experience is based on how you treat her. If you’re not sure about how to take things forward with her, here are a few handy tips that will help you.

Treat Her Right
Like every other woman you’ve dated, escorts in Bangkok too liked being treated in a nice way. Take her out to dinner, compliment her about the way she looks, get to know her better and establish a comfort level so the both of you enjoy the act later on.

Share Your Desires, Ask Her About Hers
One of the benefits about spending the night with an escort is that you can get her to fulfill your kinky desires without being judged. Unlike your girlfriend or wife who bluntly refuses to please you the way you want, an escort is always more than happy to help. Try talking to her about her experiences and ask her what she enjoys most. Tell her what you like and see how comfortable she is with your fantasies. It’s not common for an escort to refuse pleasing you in any way, but talking to her about it prior to the act will make her feel more comfortable with you and she will trust you more.

Turn Her On
There’s nothing better than having a woman who is turned on in bed with you. It gets even better when the woman is experienced. Once she knows what you want, and she’s pleased with you in bed, she will take you please you in ways you’ve never imagined. Start off with gentle kisses on her cheeks and then proceed to her lips. Make sure you touch her in the right places till she moans in pleasure.

Escorts in Bangkok are very friendly and always communicate in a way that helps you build a bond that is comfortable and easy going.

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